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Bennewart Sole Flexing


The S.C. Dey Bennewart Sole Flexing Testing Instrument, is designed to conform to the Satra Test Method PM 161.This testing instrument simulates the war performance of to full shoe sole by conditions almost corresponding at the shoe in walking.

This test procedure is for the test piece from a shoe sole or a full sole itself.A mandrel 30 mm diameter connects both the blocks through a link. The moving block oscillates with frequency of 125 to 150 cycles/minutes at a stroke length of 83 mm. The mandrel bends the test piece to an angle of 90°.The material is tested for flexural strength or fatigue bending strengthand the samples are assessed with or without initial crack and with or without the cellulose insole board attached by an adhesive.

The Bennewart Sole Flexing Testing Instrument is specifically used for rubber industry.


  • Test Specimen: 10 mm thickness
  • No of Cycles: 30,000
  • Speed: 125-150 cycles/min
  • Angle: 90°
  • A bending madrel of 30mm diameter
Bennewart Sole Flexing