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Corrugated Packaging Testing Instruments


Cobb Tester is extremely useful for measuring water absorption of paper perpendicularly to the surface of the sheet of paper and board in a given time. Well known sizing test by COBB Test has been accepted by I.S.I.BPBMA.

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Box Compression

Box Compression Tester is a tool to indicate the Compression strength of cardboard boxes. The compressive force are related to some of those exerted on container in stacks of encountered in transportation.

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Digital Bursting
Strength Tester

The Digital Bursting Strength Tester manufactured by S.C. Dey, operates on the uniform pressure distribution principle of hydraulics to accurately determine the bursting strength of sheet materials.

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Crush Tester

Digital Crush Resistance Tester manufactured by S.C. Dey is used specifically in the corrugated paper board industry. The Digital Crush Resistance Tester manufactured by S.C. Dey is according the ASTM standard.

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GSM Tester

Digital GSM Tester is a testing manufactured by S.C. Dey is a basic need for dealers, consumers and manufacturers of paper, paper board, corrugated boxes, solid fiber board and other materials.

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Others Corrugated Packaging Testing Instruments

  • Digital Moisture Meter
  • Thickness Gauge (Mechanical / Digital)