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Digital Bursting Strength Tester


The Digital Bursting Strength Tester manufactured by S.C. Dey, operates on the uniform pressure distribution principle of hydraulics to accurately determine the bursting strength of sheet materials. The Digital Bursting Strength Tester is most widely used for testing Paper, Corrugated and solid fiber boards sheets and textile materials. The bursting strength value is expressed in terms of Kg/Cm2.

In making the Bursting Strength Tester, fluid under uniformly increasing pressure expands against a dispensable rubber diaphragm and simultaneously into a Digital pressure gauge. The material to be tested is clamped securely. As the sample distorts under pressure, the diaphragm assumes the exact counter of the material. It uniformly distributes the pressure over the entire test area and protrudes into any imperfection or weak section to burst or rupture it at that point. When the pressure drops at the moment of rupture there is a micro switch which automatically stops and returns to zero pressure and maximum pressure will be shown digitally by a digital controller.


  • Range: 0 - 40 Kg/Cm2.
  • Min. Graduation: 0.1 Kg/Cm2.
  • Load sensor: 3½ digit digital display.
  • Mains: 220/240 Volts, AC, 50 Hz, 1 Ph.
Digital Bursting Strength Tester