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Flexible Packaging Testing Instruments

Seal Tester

The Bond or heat Seal Tester manufactured by S.C. Dey is used to quantify the performance of adhesion or seal ability of self- adhesive pressure materials to pull open .Seal strength testing evaluates the mechanical strength of the seal.

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Tensile Machine

The Computerized Tensile Testing Machine is widely used for evaluating the tensile strength of plastic Products, Rubber Products, Film, Paper and Leather. It is a floor standing model fabricated using heavy duty Mild Steel. The equipment can be powered.

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Digital Coefficient
Friction Tester

The coefficient of friction is the ratio of the frictional resistance to the normal pressure acting on two faces in contact. This coefficient of friction is the inverse measure of the relative easy with which one surface moves over surface of another.

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Tearing Tester

The Elmendorf Tearing Tester as per ASTM is a pendulum impact tester, used to measure the force required to propagate an existing slit a fixed distance to the edge of the test sample. The usage of these results would be for the specification of material and thickness for plastic film in packaging

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Haze Meter manufactured by S.C. Dey is intended to measure the light transmitting properties and from these the light scattering properties of planner sections of transparent plastics. The haze meter consists of collimator tube and interaction sphere. Collimator tube will consist of a lamp.

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Sealer Tester

The Heat Sealer Tester manufactured by S.C Dey is specially designed to simulate heat sealing condition and affecting parameters for determination of heat sealing ability of plastic films, composite films, coated paper, and other sealing films under specified sealing conditions.

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Resistance Tester

Dart Impact Tester manufactured by S.C. Dey is used for determining the impact of a free falling dart on a plastic film. The energy of the falling dart causes the film to fail to fail under specified conditions. The dart has a hemispherical head.

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Resistance Tester

The Scuff Resistance Tester manufactured by S.C. Dey gives an idea of rub resistance of rubbing of the printed surfaces. It can also be used to measure / evaluate Colour Transfer from printed / coated surface during rubbing.

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Abrader Tester

The Wheel abrader Tester consist of a motor-driven rotating disc on which specimen is fixed. A pair of abrasive wheel is allowed to turn freely on their axis and are applied to the test specimen at a specified position under a specified load.

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Others Corrugated Packaging Testing Instruments

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  • Digital Opacity (Transmittance) Tester
  • Thickness Gauge
  • Water Vapour Transmission Test Chamber
  • Rolling Ball Tack Tester
  • Digital Gloss Meter
  • Bursting Strength Tester Motor Driven
  • Rubb Resistance Tester
  • Water Vapour Transmission