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Haze Meter


Haze Meter manufactured by S.C. Dey is intended to measure the light transmitting properties and from these the light scattering properties of planner sections of transparent plastics.

The haze meter consists of collimator tube and interaction sphere. Collimator tube will consist of a lamp by which adjustable reflector giving a sharp light beam through condensing lens and slits. The integration sphere will be placed at a proper place by two-spring retainer. The light beam will be passing through the sphere and after that the beam will be placed against reflectance standard or against a light trap. A calibrated photo cell will sense the total light in sphere and will be displayed by a digital meter.


  • Electric Main: 220/230 Volts, Single Phase, 50 Cycles, A.C. Main
  • Electric voltage Stabilizer.
  • Lamp: 6 volt.
Haze Meter