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Heat Distortion


The Heat Distortion Apparatus Instrument is used to test the variations in the temperature of the polymer samples used.

The Heat Distortion Apparatus Testing Instrument consists of a heating bath filled with electric immersion heater. The current to the electric immersion heater is controlled through Microprocessor based Time Temperature Controller to get the required rate of rise of temperature. The bath is fitted with electric stirrer to give uniform temperature distribution.

The vertical member and the loading rod are made of material having same coefficient of linear thermal expansion.


  • Contact edges of loading rod: 3mm radius
  • Rate of temp increase: 120 ± 12°C
  • Measurement of deflection: By dial micrometer of range 0 to 100 mm × 0.01 mm
  • Thermometer: 0-250°C × 1°C
  • Power Supply: 220/240 volts, Single Phase, AC, 50 Hz mains or 110 Volts A, 50 Hz, Mains
Heat Distortion