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Impact Resistance Tester


Dart Impact Tester manufactured by S.C. Dey is used for determining the impact of a free falling dart on a plastic film. The energy of the falling dart causes the film to fail to fail under specified conditions. The dart has a hemispherical head and is held by a strong electromagnetic dart holder. The dart is released from the holder at the press of a button. It can be dropped from variable heights.

The dart impact consists of a vacuum clamp system, electromagnet and one piece of dart. The dart is made of aluminium/nylon and hemispherical head diameter are 3.8cm and 5.08cm along to accommodate mass. The shafts are also made of aluminium with a 1.25cm long steel tip at the end of supporting it in the electric magnet. The electromagnet is fixed to an adjustable bracket, which can be fixed to different height on a support on a support shaft.

Different weights are provided which includes 24 weights of 15 ± 0.1g each and 5 weights of 5 ± 0.1g each. A vacuum pump is also provided which operates on 220/230 volts , Single phase, AC , 50 cycs Mains.

Impact Resistance Tester