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Laboratory Twin Screw Extruder

Twin screw extruder screws for continuously mixing and plats flying powder or granular thermoplastics and elastomers. The extruder is compact one. The barrel bore is hardcrome with grinding finish and the screws are nitride. The barrel is heated electrically via heating zones. The die plate is integrated in the

The screws are counter rotated (towards each other. The screws are rotating at a fixed speed by gears-gearbox-motor assembly at approx. 30/60 rpm

Type Counter rotating type Fixed speed type.
Screw diameter 25 mm.
Barrel length 350 mm.
Flight depth 7 mm.
Pitch of screw 25 mm.
Heating zones 3 nos.
Temperature controller each zone, separately by PID temp. Controller .
Electric supply 220/240 volt,AC,50 Hz 1 ph.
Dia plate Integrated in the front plated also heated and individual Controlled.
Maximum operating
Temperature 350 oC.
L/D Ratio 14
Screw speed 30-60 R.P.M
Throughput 500-1000 gm/hr.