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Leather & Footwear Testing Instruments

Tensile Machine

The Computerized Tensile Testing Machine is widely used for evaluating the tensile strength of plastic Products, Rubber Products, Film, Paper and Leather. It is a floor standing model fabricated using heavy duty Mild Steel.

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Sole Flexing

The S.C. Dey Bennewart Sole Flexing Testing Instrument, is designed to conform to the Satra Test Method PM 161.This testing instrument simulates the war performance of to full shoe sole by conditions.

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Flexing Machineg

Demattia Flexing Machine is intended for determine the resistance to flex cracking and crack growth under high temperature of vulcanized rubber. Clamp the specimen into the grip.

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The S.C. Dey DIN Abrasion Testing Instrument, is designed to conform to the DIN 53516 standard. This top quality and highly popular abrasion tester determine the resistance of elastomers.

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Martindale Abrasion Teste is ideal for determining the abrasion resistance of upper, lining, socking, and similar types of shoe materials, particularly those made of fabric determination of resistance.

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Flex Tester

The Ross Flex Tester (Testing Instrument) - Ross Flexing Tester is designed to determine "resistance of vulcanized or synthetic elastomers to cut growth.It conforms to ASTM Method D1052.

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Index Tester

The Total Shoe Flex Testing instrument of S.C Dey is used specifically in the Footwear Industry. The Shoe Flex Tester simulates the effect of actual walking action on the shoe.

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Leather Flexing

The upper leather flexing testing instrument is one of the instruments of S.C Dey’s vast range of leather testing machines. The machine is intended for use on light leathers.

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Others Leather & Footwear Testing Instruments

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  • Hydraulic press With Hot Plate
  • Cold Bending Test Apparatus
  • Thermal Stability Apparatus
  • Ageing Test Apparatus
  • High Voltage Break Down Test Apparatus
  • Carbon Dispersion Apparatus
  • Conditioning Chamber
  • Thermal Conductivity