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Martindale Abrasion


Martindale Abrasion Teste is ideal for determining the abrasion resistance of upper, lining, socking, and similar types of shoe materials, particularly those made of fabric.

Determination of resistance of any fabric to abrasion to usually carried out by abrading the fabricunder specified conditions against a standard abradant, the two abrading surfaces being parallel toeach other during this operation. Although plane abrasion of fabric surface does not cover all aspectsof strains, which are important in determining service life, there are occasions when such a test givesuseful information. However, results of such tests should not be used for comparing fabrics ofwidely different fibre composition or construction.

One the standard equipment’s used for this determination is the Martindale Abrasion Tester. Thisapparatus gives a controlled amount of abrasion between fabric surfaces at comparatively lowpressure in continuously changing direction. Circular specimens of fabric are abraded under knownpressure under a motion which is the resultant of two simple harmonic motions which are at rightangle to each other. The resistance to abrasion is estimated by visual appearance or by finding theloss in mass of the specimens.

A pre-set counter, which counts the number of rotation of outer pegs and stops the motorautomatically after a pre-set numbers of rotations, is provided with the equipment. Template formaking the test specimens and abradants, disc weights to keep them flat during fixing and mountingjig for test specimens are also provided as standard accessories.

Martindale Abrasion Testing Instrument of S.C Dey is used in Leather, Footwear and Textile Industry.


  • Maximum Number of test specimensWhich can be tested at a time: 4.
  • Speed of outer pegs: 47.5 + 2.5 rpm.
  • Ratio of speeds of outer pegs to central peg: 32 / 30.
  • Linear movement of pegs: 60.5 mm.
  • Working area of specimen holder: 6.45 cm².
  • Pressure on test specimens: 3, 6, 9 and 12 KN/m².
Martindale Abrasion