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Mechanical Stability Tester


The Mechanical Stability Tester of S.C. Dey is used to determine the mechanical stability of rubber latex concentrate, also suitable for prevulcanized rubber latex concentrate. It is an essential instrument required to improve the quality of rubber latex. It conforms to ASTM D-1076 and the equivalent.

The Mechanical Stability Tester consists of a vertical shaft with a speed of 14000 – 200 rpm by a microprocessor based control circuit and with digital indication of rpm for the duration of the test.

The test bottles will be a flat bottle cylindrical glass container. The bottle holder will be so constructed that the bottle may be conveniently lowered and raised to the exact specified position with relation to the shaft and agitator.


  • Vertical Shaft: 14000 – 200 rpm.
  • Agitator Material: Stainless Steel
  • Test Bottles Material: Glass container
  • Electrical Mains: 220 Volts, A.C., 1 Phase, 50 HZ
  • Microprocessor based control circuit
Mechanical Stability Tester