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Polymer Testing Instruments

Tensile Machine

The Computerized Tensile Testing Machine is widely used for evaluating the tensile strength of plastic Products, Rubber Products, Film, Paper and Leather. It is a floor standing model fabricated using heavy duty Mild Steel.

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Melt Flow

Digital Melt Flow Index measures the rate of extrusion of molten resins through a die of a specified length and diameter, under prescribed condition of temperature, load and piston position and time.

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The Heat Distortion Apparatus Instrument is used to test the variations in the temperature of the polymer samples used. The Heat Distortion Apparatus Testing Instrument consists of a heating bath.

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Sigma Mixer is a testing instrument used for mixing polymer. The mixers are used for determination of thermoplastics, thermostats, elastomers, ceramic moulding compounds, fillers, pigments.

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Digital Specific
Gravity Balance

Digital Specific gravity Balance testing instrument is used to determine the specific gravity of sample digitally. The specific Gravity of any elastomer is of considerable importance of its physical properties.

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The Weathering Test Apparatus covers the basic principle and operating procedures for using florescent ultraviolet (UV) and condensation apparatus to simulate the deterioration caused by sunlight and water.

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Critical Oxygen
Index Tester

The Critical Oxygen Index Tester is perhaps the most economical and precise quality control test for combustible materials. Its ease of use together with high levels of precision has made this technique a primary characterization.

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Others Polymer Testing Instruments

  • Impact Tester (lzod/charpy)
  • Hydraulic press With Hot Plate
  • Cold Bending Test Apparatus
  • Thermal Stability Apparatus
  • Ageing Test Apparatus
  • Thickness Gauge
  • Particle Size Test Apparatus
  • Martens Softening Point Apparatus
  • Hot Deformation Test Apparatus
  • Melting Point Apparatus
  • Environmental stress-Cracking Resistance Test Apparatus
  • Carbon Black in Ethylene Plastic Apparatus
  • Plastic Abrasion tester
  • Compression/Flexure Testing Machine
  • High Voltage Break Down Test Apparatus
  • Carbon Dispersion Apparatus
  • Conditioning Chamber
  • Thermal Conductivity