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Ross Flex Tester


The Ross Flex Tester (Testing Instrument) - Ross Flexing Tester is designed to determine "resistance of vulcanized or synthetic elastomers to cut growth.It conforms to ASTM Method D1052

When subjected to repeated bending, rubber products develop strain and cracks at right angle and gradually become too weak to be used. In the method of testing employed in this test, mild bending conditions are used in order to match conditions of especially sole rubber of footwear.

MThis testing instrument is used specifically for Leather Industry.


  • Flexing Speed: 100 – 5cpm
  • Flexing angle: Max 90 deg
  • Counter: 4 digits.
  • Specimen size: 1.00 + 0.05inch in width and 0.25 (+/-) 0.01 inch in thickness
  • Specimen holder 6 holders, available number of specimens 12pcs
  • Electric source: 220 V, IP, 50 Hz A/C
Ross Flex Tester