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Scuff Resistance Tester


The Scuff Resistance Tester manufactured by S.C. Dey gives an idea of rub resistance of rubbing of the printed surfaces. It can also be used to measure / evaluate Colour Transfer from printed / coated surface during rubbing. The application can be extended for measurement of abrasion resistance of some Plastic materials / Aluminium Foils.

The Scuff Resistance Tester consists of two rotating specimen- carrying discs of different sizes, which are rotating through a constant speed driven at 60 r.p.m approx. A weight platform is fixed on the upper discs so that both discs are under pressure and an air-blast system is also provided to remove the fine particles.

This machine works as a great comparator of the variations in print quality between various batchesor various suppliers Higher Rub Resistance = better print quality. Lower Rub Resistance = poor print quality.


  • Revolution count: A digital preset Counter.
  • Electric Main: 220/240 volt, AC, 50Hz, 1 Ph.
  • Speed: 60 rpm
Scuff Resistance Tester