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Total Shoe Flex


The Total Shoe Flex Testing instrument of S.C Dey is used specifically in the Footwear Industry.

The Shoe Flex Tester simulates the effect of actual walking action on the shoe. The test specimen is held rigidly at the toe portion using a suitable toe last clamp, while the heel portion has a separate last on which the shoe is firmly tied as in actual use.

Shoe flexing tester would continuously flex the shoe at a certain angle and speed. Machine would auto stop when it reaches the pre-set numbers. Different kinds of shoe can have different requirements for the flexing cycles and time for between assessments, angle to flex. All determined by what kind of shoe to be tested. This whole shoe flexing machine simulates how the shoe is flexed every day and help us to know shoe flex resistance ability.


  • Flexing frequency: 80 cycles/minute
  • Max angle of shoe flexing: 5 – 85° (adjustable)
  • Number of shoe that can betested: 2
  • Motor: ¼ HP single-phase 230 volts AC
  • Counter: Six digit electronic counter
Total Shoe Flex