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Computerised Tensile Testing Machine in India

S.C.Dey & Co. is leading manufacturer of Tensile Testing Machine in India. It is suitable for various tensile tests like rubber, leather, paper, packaging, plastic and more. This machine has different models like manual and digital computerized. This machine offers Cross head speed 25-500 mm/min with +-0.5% of applied load accuracy.

Specification of Computerised Tensile Testing Machine

Capacity: 2/20/100/200/500/1000/2000/5000 Kgf
Resolution: 0.1 gmf for 2 kgf.
1 gmf for 20 kgf.
0.01 kgf for 100/200 kgf.
0.1 kgf for 500/1000/2000 kgf.
1 kgf for 5000 kgf.
Accuracy: +-0.5% of applied load.
Cross head speed: 1-25/5-100/25-500 mm/min
Continuously variable within specified range.
Accuracy of speed :+-1% or better.
Strain measurement: Cross-head measurement range 0-1000 mm * 1mm
(Optional: 1mm built-in clip.In Extensiometer range 0-1000mm * 0.002mm)
Accuracy: +-1%
Displays: In computer's Monitor.
Width between guides: 450 mm
Cross-head traverse: 1000mm Control: Through computer.
Recording/Printing : In Ink-jet printer.
(Optional:-Laser printer)
Grips : Tension,Compression,Flexural.
Power requirement: 220/240 Volts,AC,50 Hz,1 Phase,Mains

Tensile Testing Machine

Importance of Tensile Testing Machine

  • Check the breaking resistance of any product
  • Usually it used for product strength and load capacity
  • It helps to test the product performance
  • Reduce cost and time saver
  • Suitable for various types of products like rubber, plastic, paper, pipes and other industries.

Reasons to Choose Us for Tensile Testing Machine

  1. Experience over 50 years to provide quality tensile testing
  2. Professional and highly skilled team
  3. Reasonable price
  4. Easy and quick installation
  5. Designed by experienced engineers to test product strength

Feel free to query or contact us for any product requirement or information.