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Thermal Conductivity By Guarded Hot Plate Apparauts. As Per Astm C – 177, Is – 3349

Guarded Hot Plate Apparatus is a measuring instrument for determination of steady-state heat transfer properties, thermal conductivity and thermal resistance, of flat slab specimens in accordance with International standards ISO 8302, ASTM C-177. It is designed for use in test laboratories, manufacturing process and quality control procedures for a wide range of materials with low and intermediate thermal conductivity including rubber, plastics, mineral and glass fibers, cellular rubber, polyurethane and polystyrene etc. Because of the large sample size, it is suitable for testing in homogenous materials.

It comprised test enclosure, measurement plates for single-specimen configuration, remote control power supplies and measuring unit with controlling computer. Hot surface temperature of the specimen is regulated by electrical heating system. Test enclosure prevents the ingress of moisture inside the test unit.

High performance and fully automated switching and measuring system provided high degree of operating comfort, test reliability and measuring accuracy. Supplied measurement software evaluates measurement according to International standers ASTM C-177.

The apparatus consists of the following sections:

  • Lower Hot plate with upper cold plates system, sample size 200x200 mm or 100x100 mm.
  • Guarded hot plate on all sides.
  • Cooling plate.
  • Electrically heating system with sensors for temperature measurements of Central Hot-plate, guarded hot plate, and cooling plate.
  • Temperature range ambient to 200 oC (Optional up to 300 oC)
  • All controls are controlled from Computer.

Working on 220/240 Volts, AC, 50 Hz, 1 Ph. Mains.

Complete with Computer communication system, with necessary software but without computer.