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Upper Leather Flexing


The upper leather flexing testing instrument is one of the instruments of S.C Dey’s vast range of leather testing machines. The machine is intended for use on light leathers for assessing their flexing endurance as well as their surface finishes.

The test piece is folded and clamped at each end to maintain it in a folded position in a machine designed to flex it. One clamp is fixed and the other moves backwards and forwards causing the fold in the test piece to run along it. The test piece is examined periodically to assess what damage has been produced.

The machine is basically two clamps of one, is fixed to the base and other one moves at an angle of 22 ½ ° at rate of 100 + 5 times per min by cam-electro-mechanical drive.


  • Number of test Specimen: 12
  • Counter: 5
  • Rate of Rotation: 100 + 5
  • Angle of Rotation: 22 ½ °
  • Electric Main: 220/240 Volt AC, 50 Hz, 1 Ph, 15 A
Upper Leather Flexing