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Goodrich Flexometer


Goodrich Flexometer is a testing instrument which is used specifically for rubber industry. S.C. Dey is one of the very few manufactures of this instrument in the testing instrument manufacturing Industry.

The flexometer is a dynamic test capable of measuring the heat built up within a sample following compression, as well as any deformation that can occur to the sample following a change in its temperature.

Goodrich Flexometer consist of anvil covered with special heat resistant insulators where the specimen is kept. The top anvil is connected to an adjustable eccentric driven at 1800rpm. The load is applied by means of a lever system whose moment of inertia is maintained by two weights on either side. The testing instrument is to be equipped with a well-insulated over surrounding the the test specimen for running at elevated temperature. A digital temperature indicator is attached with insulated anvil during the entire compression cycle.

Goodrich Flexometer