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Digital Box Compression Tester


Box Compression Tester is a tool to indicate the Compression strength of cardboard boxes. The compressive force are related to some of those exerted on container in stacks of encountered in transportation. The test may be used for comparing the compressive resistance of different lots of similar containers of for comparing containers of different grade. It may also be used to compare the compression characteristics of containers which may be used to provide an indication of the load that a particular container may be able to with stand in service.

S.C. Dey BOX Compression Tester is manufactured to meet the requirement of Corrugated Paper & Packaging Industries according to International Standards. Box Compression Tester manufactured by S.C.Dey is used to measure the box compression strength (BCT).


  • Dimensions of specimens (Max.): Height – 1 Meter,Width – 1 Meter,Depth – 1 Meter.
  • Power: 220 Volts, 1Ph, 50 Cycles,1 HP Motor.
  • Capacity: 0 – 1000 x 1 Kg.(Digital readout ).
  • Testing Speed: 0 ± 3 mm/min.
  • Return Speed: 80 mm/min (Approx.).
Digital Box Compression Tester
New Digital Box Compression Tester